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Technical Advantages Of CNC Ingot Folding Machine

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Technical advantages of CNC ingot folding machine:

1. The fully automatic Yuanbao machine adopts the automatic folding technology combining air blowing and knife brake.

2. It is equipped with Chinese computer man-machine dialogue interface, and the number of vertical and horizontal disassembly is freely programmed.

3. Large screen LCD and intelligent control system are adopted.

4. The full-automatic Yuanbao machine adopts a double wheel and double speed length measuring system, which can be set and folded at one time regardless of the size of the cloth.

ingot folding machine

5. The operating speed can be adjusted in a wide range and can be matched with various ironing machines.

6. The electrical control adopts relay port output, and the automatic Yuanbao machine does not need the intermediate relay to act accurately, which is convenient for maintenance.

7. Full automatic Yuanbao machine has self diagnosis function, single link signal detection technology and perfect protection system.

8. Equipped with automatic static elimination device and protective switch, it works more reliably.

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