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Band Saw Machine Operators Should Pay Attention To The Following Ten Aspects

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Band Saw machine operators should pay attention to the following ten aspects:

1、 Attention shall be paid to the induction training for the sawing machine operators, and those without experience are not allowed to operate the machine tool.

2、 Pay attention to the sound of the sawing machine when it is turned on, and tighten the screws.

3、 Be careful not to cut the saw blade violently/quickly/suddenly, and cut it very slowly

4、 Attention shall be paid to the shutdown of the sawing machine for chip removal and workpiece placement, and the cover shall be covered when the sawing machine is running.

5、 Pay attention to the proper adjustment of the sawing machine speed, feed and processing range according to the size, shape and hardness of the workpiece.

band saw machine

6、 Note that the saw blade should be loosened when it is not in use to extend its service life; The power shall be cut off immediately after half a day's use to protect the motor and prolong its service life.

7、 Pay attention to adding proper amount of coolant. Do not block the overflow hole, or the water pump will burn out. When using a new saw blade, run in at low speed awesome and feed rate.

8、 Note that the sawing machine shall be powered off before commissioning, and the saw blade must be replaced by experienced personnel.

9、 It shall be noted that the on-site caliper/micrometer must be in the box, the articles shall be placed neatly, and they shall be returned immediately after use.

10、 Note that the small/large materials on site shall be put into the specified area immediately, and shall not be thrown into the garbage cans.

Only by doing well in the above ten precautions can the efficiency be improved, and your band sawing machine can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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