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Operation Guide For Metal Band Sawing Machine

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The reason for sawing deviation of metal band saw machine is human factors, that is, the problems occurred in the operation process. The proportion of sawing deviation caused by operation errors accounts for more than 90%. Correct and standardized operation is an effective way to prevent sawing deviation. If: after installing a new saw blade without any relevant inspection and adjustment, let alone the initial running in of the new belt, high-speed cutting is used! In this way, the new saw belt will not run in and correct at a slow speed, and the tooth edge will be worn out prematurely or on one side, resulting in the damage of the tooth splitting amount. Therefore, the new saw belt will be sawed obliquely, and even the tooth collapse phenomenon will occur. 

band saw machineThe correct operation method for this is to measure the vertical accuracy of the lower saw belt after the saw belt is tensioned, and adjust the guide arm to a distance of about 1 cm from the workpiece. Doing so can not only avoid sawing skew, but also reduce the distortion of the saw belt. When sawing, be sure to feed slowly and carry out the initial running in stage, so that the service life of the band saw blade can be extended, and the guide block can be locked well, so as to ensure that the saw teeth will not be subjected to excessive subduction cutting force. It should be noted that normal cutting can be carried out only after the saw belt safely passes through the running in period.

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