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Main Features Of The New Metal Band Saw Machine

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Main features of the new metal band saw machine:

1. The self-developed integrated main transmission mechanism is adopted, which has the advantages of compact structure, stable operation, low noise and high transmission efficiency.

2. AC servo feed system is adopted, which has higher precision, more stable feed and lower failure rate.

3. The high-efficiency automatic cooling and flushing system is adopted to realize the automatic discharge and collection of steel chips, and significantly improve the service life of saw blade and the cleanliness of equipment and environment.

band saw machine

4. The lifter's sawing and main drive realize closed-loop adaptive control, which has a wider range of application.

5. The fully automatic floating clamping feeding system and servo control are adopted to feed more accurately and efficiently, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators.

6. The rack adopts integrated design to ensure the rigidity and strength of the equipment.

7. The whole machine adopts full protection design to make the working environment clean, safe and comfortable.

8. Full touch screen setting operation is adopted to truly realize the convenience and efficiency of the operation process.

This product has obtained the patent authorization of utility model.

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