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Stirrup Bending Machine

Factory Direct Sale Intelligent Stirrup Bending Machine

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The intelligent stirrup bending machine is used for the integrated forming of stirrups and hook bars, which can save a lot of labor, waste and improve processing efficiency. It is an indispensable part of modern construction buildings. At the same time, it is also an intelligent integrated equipment in line with national standards. The user shall provide a four core copper core cable with a long distance to the electric box, with the specification of 3x 10 + 6mm ² And above, and properly grounded as required. The switch in the user's own power box is a 3-phase 3-pole air switch with a rated current of more than 100A. 

stirrup bending machineIf a leakage switch is used, it is required to have a rated current of more than 100A and a leakage action current of more than 150mA, and it must be reliably grounded. The installation site is 5m wide and 20m long, with cement leveling ground, in which the main machine accounts for 2.5x4m and the material rack and reinforcement account for 3x10m. The site is required to be sheltered from wind and rain to avoid damage to the equipment due to moisture of precision electronic components of the equipment.

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