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Stirrup Bending Machine

China CNC Reinforcement Hoop Bending Machine Video

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With the rapid development of China's construction industry, in response to the urgent requirements of the government and various construction units for stirrup automation technology, we have carried out technical research and improved the process. Finally, after unremitting efforts, we have developed a computerized automatic NC stirrup bending machine. The hoop bending machine has novel and reasonable design, beautiful appearance and simple use and installation. The automatic stirrup forming machine has completely changed the manufacturing process of the original stirrup. 

stirrup bending machineThe machine integrates straightening, length measurement, bending, shearing and technology. The overall structure is compact and reasonable, the operation is simple, the production efficiency is high, and labor is saved. The machine adopts an intelligent and highly integrated control system, which has the advantages of high speed, large force, accurate technology and low failure. It can process reinforcement products of various specifications and shapes. It is an ideal product for reinforcement processing and builders.

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