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Four Main Operation Steps Of Nail Making Machine

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Four main operation steps of nail making machine:

1. Wire drawing: when making nails after purchase, it is necessary to determine what kind of reinforcement to use for nailing in the future, such as new reinforcement, waste reinforcement and so on. The wire drawing of waste reinforcement is troublesome, not as fast as that of new reinforcement, but the cost and profit of waste reinforcement is very objective. Finished wire drawing is fast and saves some manpower. The nailing speed is also very fast.

nail making machine

2. Nail making: after the wire is pulled, the adjusted semi-finished nails are produced through the full-automatic thread feeding machine head, and then the pulled wire is put into the thread feeding machine head.

3. Polishing: put the finished semi-finished nails into the polishing machine for polishing, and put some chemical raw materials such as sawdust, paraffin and gasoline into the polishing machine for friction and impact. Throw a shiny nail.

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