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Features Of Multifunctional Screw And Nut Cold Heading Machine

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Features of multifunctional screw and nut cold heading machine:

1. The crankshaft is connected with the engine body and impact connecting rod with high wear-resistant alloy copper tile, which has large bearing capacity, long service life and low maintenance cost.

2. The body is made of nodular iron 500 with alloy added, with high tensile strength and good wear resistance.

3. The two-stage gear transmission system is adopted, which has high transmission efficiency and large transmission torque.

4. Equipped with pneumatic clutch brake to reduce motor power and energy consumption.

cold heading machine

5. The cutting system adopts the guide plate to drive the cutter bar. The guide plate moves back and forth, and the cutting force is transmitted in a straight line. The force is large, stable and has good dynamic balance.

6. The clamp system can be turned or translated 180 degrees. It is conducive to the arrangement of forming process.

7. Equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation device, it can adjust speed steplessly within a certain range.

8. Equipped with fault detector and safety protection device, the equipment will stop automatically in case of equipment failure, giving maximum protection to the equipment and tooling.

9. The feeding box is equipped with a thrust device to improve the feeding accuracy.

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