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Safety Operation Procedures For Cold Heading Machine

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Safety operation procedures for cold heading machine:

1. It is forbidden to wear gloves to operate the cold heading machine.

2. Before start-up, carefully check whether the fasteners of the equipment are locked and whether the safety protection devices are in good condition, and regularly check during work to prevent loosening due to violent vibration and accidents.

3. After the equipment is adjusted, pull the flywheel first to check whether the operation of each mechanism is normal. The motor can be started only after the lever for pulling the vehicle is removed. It is forbidden to start the motor while pulling the car.

cold heading machine

4. All faults shall be eliminated before start-up, and trial upsetting can be carried out after short space-time rotation.

5. During the operation of the equipment, the operator shall stand in a safe position. It is strictly prohibited to pick up the workpiece at the concave convex die. The product can only be viewed at the lower end.

6. When replacing products, the mould and punch must be carefully adjusted, and the components must be carefully checked for normal operation.

7. In the production process, if there is a fault, it must be stopped immediately to find out the cause and eliminate the hidden danger. When the brake fails, it is strictly prohibited to drive.

8. The safety board (bumper) must be equipped with protective devices to avoid breakage and accidents. All protective devices shall not be disassembled or lost arbitrarily.

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