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Steel Bar Straightening Machine

Working Principle Of Steel Bar Straightener

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Steel bar straightening machine: it is suitable for straightening and fixed length cutting of cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel bars. It has high efficiency (straightening speed: 60m / min) and accurate accuracy (plus or minus 2mm). There are many models of products. The steel bar straightening machine integrates straightening, cutting, two-way blanking and automatic alignment. The continuous operation of straightening, cutting and finishing is realized, and the shutdown link during aggregate loading and unloading is reduced. steel bar straightening machineIt is equipped with double setting out system, secondary aggregate system, automatic turnover system, automatic alignment system and domestic all-weather non-stop straightening and cutting equipment. The equipment can complete supporting production with ribbed steel bar production line, three-level steel extension machine and cold-rolled double ribbed steel bar production line. There is no need to stop the machine and the speed is fast. It is the first choice for large-scale steel bar processing and distribution.

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