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Steel Bar Straightening Machine

Advantages Of Steel Bar Straightening Machine

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Advantages of steel bar straightening machine:

1. Setting out system: double setting out system is adopted without shutdown.

2. Pre straightening system: the incoming line is not reinforced.

3. Straightening system: multi wheel straight forward straightening, fast speed, no distortion and no rib damage.

4. Cut off system: private server cut-off, which can ensure accurate cut-off under the condition of high-speed operation.

5. Blanking system: fully automatic two-way reverse blanking and automatic alignment. Combined with double setting out system and automatic counting system to complete PLC programming, it can complete efficient production without shutdown all day.

steel bar straightening machine

6. Control system: PLC control system.

7. The equipment has the characteristics of labor saving, power saving, material saving, intelligence and high efficiency

8. Adjustable speed traction is adopted to ensure the reliability of feeding and avoid the scratch or damage of reinforcement.

9. It adopts a programmer that can control the straightening and cutting process. It can remember the equipment with different lengths and quantities of reinforcement specifications for 20 times at one time. All batch settings can be completed on the digital display screen, and the operation is simple and fast.

10. The modulation wheel, square blade and round blade are supported by heat-treated (quenched) high-quality alloy steel, which can work under heavy load and have long service life.

11. It has the functions of automatic counting, preset cutting number, automatic shutdown after work, reinforcement guiding mechanism and so on. Compared with similar products of other manufacturers, the straightening frame adopts hot rolling process, which has beautiful appearance, stronger rigidity and good straightening effect; The hydraulic system is simple and reliable without oil leakage and valve jamming.

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