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Steps For Cleaning The Solenoid Valve Of The Rebar Straightener

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The solenoid valve core is stuck or blocked. Remove the solenoid valve spool and rub the spool with gauze to make the spool move normally.

Steps for cleaning the solenoid valve of the steel bar straightening machine:

1. Turn off the power supply and remove the solenoid valve lamp cap with a cross knife;

2. Loosen the compression nuts at both ends of the solenoid valve;

steel bar straightening machine

3. Take out the solenoid valve coil;

4. Use a pipe wrench to remove the solenoid valve coil shaft; At the same time, check whether the solenoid valve spring is broken.

5. Slide the solenoid valve core left and right to check whether it is blocked or stuck. In case of blockage or jamming, take out the solenoid valve core and evenly rub the valve core with gauze. Reassemble the valve core and check that there is no blockage in the left and right sliding valve core.

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