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Teaching Video Of Diesel Winch Operation

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The main parameters of diesel winch are lifting tools that rotate the drum through the driving device. The speed of the motor can be controlled by frequency converter. It is mainly used for hoisting, pulling, unloading and dragging heavy objects. Such as the installation and disassembly of various large and medium-sized concrete, steel structure and mechanical equipment. It is applicable to civil construction and installation works of construction and installation companies, mining areas and factories.

Faults easily occurred in the operation of building diesel winch and treatment methods:

(1) If the clearance is too large after the brake is worn, which will affect the braking reliability, the clearance shall be adjusted or the components shall be replaced in time.

(2) If the bearing overheats due to wear or poor lubrication, improve the lubrication or replace the bearing according to the situation.

diesel winch

(3) If the bearing is heated due to the loose bolts fixing the bearing, the bolts shall be tightened in time.

(4) Due to the heating of overload motor or motor bearing, it is necessary to stop the machine for cooling and refuel on time to reduce the load.

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