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Look, The Best Chicken Chopper I've Ever Seen

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Before starting the chicken cutting machine, ensure that the power supply voltage is within the normal range. First open the hopper and take out the parts from the hopper to loosen. Remove the mouth ring, grate, knife and knife shaft. Turn on the power, chop the tube of the chicken nugget machine, press the switch, and see whether the rotating cylinder bottom of the output shaft rotates clockwise. If yes, it indicates the correct installation. On the contrary, error. Replace the power phase sequence. chicken cutting machineUnder the M6 screw M8 or the "equipotential live terminal" of the machine, professional electricians shall follow the regulations of the ground. The grounding hole of the power socket or the power line of the equipment shall be grounded firmly, green and yellow. The fixed line must be equipped with full pole disconnection, and the cutting distance of contactor is greater than or equal to 3mm.

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