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How To Clean The Macaroni Machine

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Before using the macaroni machine, it is necessary to comprehensively check whether the transmission parts are normal, whether the safety protection device is reliable, and whether the blade outlet is loose. Start the switch, first turn on the fan for operation, observe whether there is any abnormality, and the idling time should not be too long to avoid damaging the blade. The meat should be evenly placed, not too much or too large, so as to prevent the macaroni machine from jamming. macaroni machineIf the equipment is found to be abnormal, immediately cut off the power supply and stop the machine to check the cause, The mechanical and electrical parts that are forbidden to be disassembled without authorization must be repaired by professional maintenance personnel. After work, cut off the power supply and clean the macaroni machine. It is forbidden to directly wash the electrical part with water to avoid electric shock or burn out the motor. Screw off the mouth ring, remove the grate, a knife and a hinge shaft, and reload it after cleaning for next use.

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