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Advantages Of Sichuang Log Wood Multi Blade Saw

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Advantages of Sichuang log wood multi blade saw:

1. Spindle: made of high-quality materials, chrome plated, dynamic balance treatment, high stability, wear-resistant and rust proof. Cooling system: axis water spraying technology, dust-proof and environmental protection, protect the saw blade, ensure the continuous operation of the saw blade and prolong the service life of the saw blade.

2. Feeding: the leading computer can only adjust the speed, automatically identify the size of wood, change the feeding speed and protect the saw blade and motor. V-shaped (chain plate) feeding, automatic centering of logs. The whole process of four power synchronous feeding is powerful and gives full play to the efficiency of the machine.

3. Box body: the overall structure of the main box, one-time NC processing, upper door design. Further improve the stability of the equipment and greatly improve the service life of the saw blade. At the same time, the main box is subject to aging treatment, which is durable and does not deform.

multi blade saw

4. Bearing: international famous brand, dust-free heating assembly, high flexibility of main shaft and prolonging the service life of saw blade.

5. Saw blade: high quality imported saw blade is used, which is heat-resistant, wear-resistant and does not deform.

6. Overall advantages: 1 Saw blade loading and unloading is very convenient; 2. Square and slice specifications can be combined at will, which is suitable for multi specification processing.

7. Processing features: it is suitable for the length of more than 70cm and has comparative advantages.

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