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The Round Wood Multi Blade Saw Adopts A New Structure

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The round wood multi blade saw adopts a new structure and a number of new technologies. After scientific and technological investigation by relevant departments, it is the first in China, and the technical content has reached the international advanced level. In view of the fact that the diameter of logs in southern fast-growing forests is mostly 20cm, this equipment can cut logs, semi logs, square logs, etc. within this diameter. It is said that it is efficient and high-precision because it can cut a log into multiple pieces of pre-set specification plates at a time, with a high degree of automation. 

multi blade sawSince the thickness of the saw blade used is 1.5-1.7 mm, compared with the thickness of the general saw blade of 2.5-3.0 mm, the sawing path loss is 46% lower than that of other saws. On the contrary, the yield is as high as 76% to 80%, and the wood utilization rate is about 27% higher than that of other saws. Moreover, the sawing process is stable, the equal thickness accuracy of the sawn plate, the high surface smoothness and uniformity, and the semi finishing process of the wood surface can also be reduced.

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