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How To Cool The Saw Blade Of Square Wood Multi Blade Saw

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Generally speaking, when the saw blade is clamped by hand, the bending degree of the multi rip saw should be in the middle of 3.2 ~ 6.4 mm. When removing the saw blade, first open the upper and lower guard doors, loosen the double rocker and fix it on the constant silk thread, turn the lifting platform hand wheel to reduce the upper saw wheel and loosen the saw blade, take out the old saw blade, 

multi rip sawput the ground saw blade on the upper and lower saw wheels, pay attention to the sharp angle of the saw tooth downward without turning up, and then turn the lifting platform hand wheel to make the upper saw wheel upward and tension the saw blade. When disassembling the fine saw blade, the operator of square wood multi blade saw should first pay attention to that the total width of the saw blade should be consistent with the total width of the wheel surface of the saw blade, and should not exceed the width of the wheel surface. The saw blade is clamped in the middle of the saw lock, and the bottom end of the sawtooth should be in line with the edge of the saw lock. The saw lock cannot be clamped too tightly. When dragging in the middle of the saw lock, there should be space on both sides, about 0.04 ~ 0.08 mm on each side.

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