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Characteristics Of Diesel Hydraulic Drilling Rig

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Characteristics of diesel hydraulic drilling rig£º

1. The diesel engine is equipped with electric start, which is convenient to start and reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

2. The drilling rig adopts hydraulic working principle and is equipped with radiator, so the drilling rig can work continuously and efficiently.

3. Equipped with high-power hydraulic motor, the power head can be forward and reverse.

4. The drill frame is equipped with hydraulic oil cylinder, and the oil pressure can be raised and lowered through the operating handle.drilling rig

5. The drilling rig is equipped with water pump, which has reasonable structure, compact layout and good slag discharge effect.

6. Equipped with traction bar and wheel traveling mechanism, the drilling rig is easy to move.

7. Equipped with wire support legs for leveling of drilling rig.

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