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Small Civil Electric Well Driller Is Used For Household

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Collapsible small civil electric well driller is used for household/factory water drilling, farmland irrigation Wells, installation of water conditioning, site piling and so on.

Technical parameters of folding electric drilling machine

Drilling range: 60~250mm;

Drill pipe diameter: 1.2 inches;

Drilling depth: 100mm aperture can hit 70 meters; 250mm aperture can hit 30 meters;

Voltage: 220V;

Rotary motor: 4000W;

Speed: 80r/min, reversible;

Lifting motor: 1000W;

Machine dimensions: length 900mm* width 700mm* height 2200mm (folding)

Machine weight: 70KG (including drilling frame/rotary motor/lifting motor).

drilling rig


1, easy to carry, safe and reliable, one person can complete the drilling operation.

2, folding three parts of the design can be disassembled, so that the user is more convenient to work.

3, a wide range of use, whether it is used for domestic water drilling, farmland irrigation, site piling operations can be.

4. The product is light in quality and adjustable in height.

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