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Skills Required For Drilling Rig Operators

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1. As a drilling rig engaged in concealed works, experience is very important. Only through long-term accumulation of experience can we improve our skills.

2. Only in this way can the driller understand the equipment as a whole and the structure and working principle of each system of "electromechanical hydraulic Diesel", and make the equipment stable for a long time through operation control and maintenance.drilling rig

3. The driller should clearly understand the key components of the rotary excavation method: geology, mud, drilling tools and operation. Each of the four contents of the method is very important. It changes with the changes of Geology and underground hydrology. Only when the method is flexibly applied with the changes can he become a real master.

4. Innovation is too important for the driller! The innovation of the manipulator mainly lies in the rotary drilling method, including operation, mud, drilling tools, etc. after encountering difficulties or setbacks in rotary drilling, only by carefully observing and analyzing, and then daring to innovate and try in the construction method, can we really progress and master the skills.

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