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Operation Method Of Small Drilling Rig Machine

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Operation Method Of Small drilling rig Machine

First of all, appropriate water pump shall be configured. This is because after the completion of the well, the dynamic and static water levels and the corresponding water output of the water outlet well should be measured according to the construction drainage during the well drilling. Then, the total head of the water pump should be determined according to the elevation difference between the ground and the dynamic water level, the irrigation method you use, and the working head of the water pump required. The flow of the water pump should not exceed the water output of the well. The drilling crew usually purchases the corresponding water pump according to the above two conditions.

drilling rig

Then, reasonable well hole layout is required. The location and layout of the boreholes shall be reasonably arranged according to the local actual hydrogeological conditions. If there is no hydrogeological data, the drilling crew recommends that the existing water source wells nearby be used as the basis for the layout of the wells. In areas where shallow groundwater is not abundant, shallow wells must not be drilled blindly; In areas with abundant shallow groundwater, it is suitable for farmers to build their own shallow wells, but the well hole layout should not be too dense to avoid mutual influence between adjacent water source wells.

Third, adopt correct construction methods. Generally, the drilling crew adopts two construction methods for large opening wells: one is large slotting method, manual excavation or blasting construction; The other is open caisson method, drainage construction or non drainage construction. For the mouth pumping construction, mechanical hammer and manual hammer are generally used. The suction pipe is directly driven into the ground by the gravity of the hammer.

The steps of well drilling are not complicated: allocation of water pumps, well hole layout, and construction. However, in the process of operation, many details need to be paid attention to. Therefore, the technology and process of the drilling crew are very important.

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