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Drilling Method Of Small Electric Drilling Rig

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Drilling method of small electric drilling rig:

1. Select a suitable place to drill the hole.

2. Preparation materials before well drilling: select proper self-priming pump or flexible shaft pump for pumping, a bucket of coarse yellow sand (the size of the hole is different), and 4 points, 6 points or 1 inch PE plastic pipe for downhole use.

3. Select a suitable submersible pump for drilling and turning out or a mud suction pump for internal suction. If it is not convenient to dig the hole at the place where the well is drilled, please use the internal suction method to dig the well, that is, the drilling rig is equipped with a mud suction pump, with less water. J1, J3, J4 and J8 drilling rigs generally use 1500 or 2000 watt submersible pumps to flush water when drilling, and J9 drilling rigs use 125 - 1100 watt submersible pumps to flush water when drilling.

drilling rig

4. When drilling a well, two pits can be dug next to the borehole, the former pit is used for sedimentation, and the latter pit is used for submersible pump to use circulating water. In some places, the formation contains a lot of sand, which causes the mud in the well cannot be washed out during drilling. At this time, some bentonite should be added to the circulating water for mixing. In this way, the concentration of water can be maintained and the well wall is not easy to collapse.

5. Connect the power supply, connect the drill rig, drill pipe, drill bit and handle, turn on the water pump before starting the drill rig, drill one drill pipe and then connect the other one before driving (when changing the drill pipe, lift the drill rig and drill pipe up and then replace it to prevent the drill hole from being blocked by the downhole collapse). When drilling a well, you should learn to analyze the water layer. Generally, when you hit the underground sand layer, it is the water layer (the water pump will flush out a lot of sand particles), and the water will not be drained.

6. After pulling out the drill pipe, quickly put the plastic pipe into the bottom of the well (about 2 meters long at the bottom of the plastic pipe, use a 10 mm diameter drill bit to drill a dense small hole, and use a filter screen to wrap 1-2 layers). Pour water into the pipe properly (fill the gap around the plastic pipe with about 15kg of coarse yellow sand while pouring water), and then connect the self-priming pump to pump water out.

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