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How To Operate The Chain Trencher Correctly

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Installing and dragging a small chain on a large tractor for trenching operation, due to the high output speed of the tractor, which does not match the low speed and high torque of the chain, chain trencher is very easy to cause chain fracture and low efficiency. The disc trencher transfers the rotation of the engine to the disc with larger diameter installed with cutting tools, and the excavation is realized through the rotation of the disc. 

chain trencherThe structure of the disc device is driven by a diesel engine to reduce the speed of a series of belts, chains, sprockets and turbine reducers to achieve low speed and high torque, so as to drive the rotary table to rotate and excavate. The assembly cost of the whole machine is high, the structure is complex, the parts are worse and frequent, and the efficiency is low. It is only suitable for small-scale projects such as roadside excavation.

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