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Safety Operation Guide For Chain Ditching Machine

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It is strictly prohibited in the chain trencher  clutch combined with unreliable or not completely under the condition of use, so as not to damage the parts and cause an accident, the blade may not be used when installed in the opposite direction, otherwise not only cannot work normally, and can cause accidents, attaint parts and ditcher in roads, should cut off the power tool, make the point more than 15 cm from the ground, and speed may not be too high, So as not to damage parts or cause accidents due to excessive vibration. 

chain trencherWhen the ditching machine turns in the field, it should first cut off the walking power, and then cut off the power of the ditching machine, and forcibly lift the handrail so that the tip of the knife leaves the ground, and then engage the walking power, and turn in the field with the low-grade small throttle.

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