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How To Use Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Correctly

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The main reasons for the failure of diesel engine are as follows: first, a large amount of oil enters the cylinder for combustion, and the diesel is oversupplied. The second reason is the governor. The governor device is adjusted to the limit position. Its performance: (1) the flying iron of governor falls off. (2) The speed regulating spring is broken. (3) The governor limit screw is loose. 

diesel engine(4) The fuel injection pump rack is stuck at the maximum fuel supply position. (5) The connecting line between fuel injection pump rack and pull rod is loose. (6) The rack and gear meshing position of the fuel injection pump is installed incorrectly. (7) There is too much oil in the wet air filter. (8) There is too much oil in the oil pan. (9) The piston and cylinder liner are severely worn, and a large amount of oil is channeled upward.

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