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Diesel Engine

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Diesel Engine

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Diesel Engine

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Diesel Engine Description

Diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that uses diesel as fuel. Diesel engine belongs to compression ignition engine, which is often called diesel engine in the name of the main inventor diesel engine. When the diesel engine is working, the air in the cylinder of the diesel engine is inhaled and compressed to a high degree due to the movement of the piston, reaching a high temperature of 500 ~ 700 ¡æ. Then spray the fuel into the high-temperature air in the form of fog, mix with the high-temperature air to form a combustible mixture, and ignite automatically. The energy released in combustion acts on the top surface of the piston, pushes the piston and converts it into rotating mechanical work through the connecting rod and crankshaft.

Diesel engine has the remarkable advantage of high thermal efficiency, and its application range is becoming wider and wider. With the improvement of the strengthening degree, the weight per unit power of diesel engine is also significantly reduced. In order to save energy, countries are focusing on improving the combustion process and studying the use of low-quality fuel and non petroleum products. In addition, reducing friction loss, widely using exhaust gas turbocharging and improving supercharging degree, further lightweight, high speed, low fuel consumption, low noise and low pollution are all important development directions of diesel engine.

Precautions for operation of single cylinder diesel engine:

1. Carefully read and understand the mechanical operation manual, master the structure and performance, and avoid swallowing, being self righteous and not acting as a "know it all".

2. The operation of machinery should follow the operating procedures, pay attention to the methods of maintenance, and avoid carelessness and fooling around.

3. There are limits on the functions of agricultural machinery, and there are regulations on the loading speed. Do not "pull a cart with a small horse" and be greedy for small things and lose big ones.

4. Never operate the defective machinery. Once the machinery is found to be defective, stop the operation immediately and carry out maintenance in time.


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