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Operation Guide For Diesel Engine Made In China

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Operation guide for diesel engine made in China

The first is the quality grade of oil. For low supercharged diesel engines, engine oil of no less than CC grade should be selected; For medium supercharged diesel engine, engine oil of no less than CD grade shall be selected. The second is the viscosity grade of the engine oil. The appropriate viscosity grade should be selected according to the temperature conditions and the wear conditions of the parts. Thirdly, the cleanliness of the engine oil, because the rotor shaft of the exhaust gas turbocharger and its bearing (shaft sleeve) are closely matched. 

diesel engineIf the engine oil is too dirty or deteriorated, impurities or abrasive particles will be brought into the turbocharger, which may accelerate the wear of the bearing, or form a lubricating oil film and cause the rotor shaft and bearing to bite. Therefore, the engine oil must be kept clean, the engine oil filter must be cleaned frequently, and the deteriorated and ineffective engine oil must be replaced in time.

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