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Egg Incubator

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Egg Incubator

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Egg Incubator

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Egg Incubator Description

Incubation equipment is one of the important equipment in modern chicken breeding equipment. The whole set of incubation equipment includes chicken egg incubator, hatching machine and other supporting devices. The types of chicken egg incubators produced by our company can be divided into two types: coal and electricity dual-use and electricity only. Both types of machines include small chicken egg incubators, pigeon chicken egg incubators, chicken chicken egg incubators, rare bird chicken egg incubators, duck egg chicken egg incubators, small full-automatic chicken egg incubators and small full-automatic chicken egg incubators.Maintenance when the chicken egg incubator machine is not used for a long time. Before the machine is used for a long time, it must be started up to heat up and dry the machine, drain the water in the humidified water basin and dry it. After each operating part is cleaned, it must be protected with butter to prevent rust. This is very important. If you decide not to use a machine, but do not maintain it according to the above methods, it may have a lot of faults and cannot work when you want to use it again next time. All products are fully controlled by microcomputer.
Weekly maintenance contents of chicken egg incubator:
1. Check the water level of humidification water pan.
2. Check the sealing condition of the door.
3. Check the ventilation and exhaust conditions.
4. Clean the fluff and other sundries on the rotating lead screw of the damper to prevent it from being stuck.
5. Wipe the outside of the chassis and control cabinet with a semi dry cloth; The humidifying basin shall be cleaned for each batch of brooding machine. Remove the fluff from the top of the machine.
Monthly maintenance contents of chicken egg incubator:
1. Check whether the fan, humidification and egg turning chain are intact.
2. Check the heating function.
3. Check the ultra-high temperature alarm function.
4. Check whether the egg turning function is normal.
5. Thoroughly clean the disinfection equipment.
6. After hatching each batch, clean the machine, humidification basin and humidification evaporation tray.
Chicken egg incubator maintenance content every three months:
1. Clean the probe.
2. Calibrate temperature and humidity.
3. Add grease to the fan bearing once.
4. Clean the egg turning worm gear with oil and lubricate it with butter.
5. Grease shall be added to the lead screw and sliding fitting parts of the damper mechanism.
6. The oil of humidification and egg turning reducer shall be changed once.
7. Comprehensively check the control function of each system.
Structural features and advantages of automatic chicken egg incubator:
1. The box body is assembled with color steel plate, with beautiful and generous appearance.
2. The fully automatic all-in-one machine for hatching chicks can hatch chicks in batches.
3. Imported temperature and humidity sensor is adopted for reliable and accurate temperature and humidity control.
4. Scientific circulation ventilation system.
5. Stable and reliable automatic egg turning mechanism, manual and automatic, users can choose at will.
6. Advanced ultrasonic atomizing head makes the humidity more stable.

7. Supporting egg plate and chick plate (chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, pheasant, native chicken, wild duck, Turkey, wild goose and peacock egg plate are optional). 

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