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A Guide To The Use Of Egg Incubators

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Egg incubator equipment is one of the most important equipment in modern chicken raising equipment. The whole set of incubation equipment includes incubator, chickling machine and other supporting devices. There are many types of incubators. Although the degree of active transformation and capacity are different, the basic principle of the structure is the same, which is mainly composed of the body, active temperature control device, active humidity control device, active egg turning device and ventilation device. 

egg incubatorWith box type incubator incubator) (also known as electricity use is more, this kind of incubator can be divided by its capacity big, medium and small three kinds of specifications, the capacity to distinguish between 50000 ~ 100000 pieces or more, 10000 ~ 50000, 10000 pieces of the following, in small and medium-sized incubator, incubator and the piece cheeper is installed in the same body.

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