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Operation Guide For Egg Incubator Made In China

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Operation guide for egg incubator made in China

Select the location of the incubator. The incubator needs to maintain a constant temperature, so it should be placed in a place where the temperature fluctuation is as small as possible. Don't put it in a window with direct sunlight. Skillfully operate the incubator. Before hatching eggs, please read the instructions of the incubator carefully. Make sure you know how to operate the fan, lighting and other function keys. Disinfect the eggs. Add a few grams of potassium permanganate to the warm water at about 30 degrees. 

egg incubatorThe potassium permanganate will be placed according to how many kinds of eggs you incubate at one time. Put it into the incubator after disinfection. Adjust parameters. The parameters of the incubator must be checked. From preparing for incubation to receiving eggs, you should adjust the parameters in the incubator to the best level.

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