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Six operation steps of automatic incubator

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As a kind of equipment for batch hatching eggs, the full-automatic egg incubator is widely used in the hatching of chicken, duck, pheasant and other eggs. In recent years, the full-automatic incubator has become popular in egg hatching. Today, we will briefly introduce the operation process of the full-automatic incubator.

Operation method

Step 1: Take out the heating kettle, water pipe and other accessories in the full-automatic incubator, and check whether the components inside the body are complete.

The second step is to install the water pipe taken out and link it to the water pipe to facilitate the automatic feeding of the incubator. After borrowing the water pipe, be sure to check it to ensure that there is no leakage.

Step 3: The rated voltage of the incubator is 220V. Once the voltage is higher than 220V, it is easy to burn the humidifier tube if the voltage is higher than 240V. If the voltage is lower than 220V, it cannot be started normally. It is recommended to use the voltage regulator.

egg incubator

Step 4: The incubator needs to prevent power failure during use. You can provide a generator to ensure that the incubator can be heated all the time. In addition, you can also use an emergency hot water kettle to heat the incubator, but you need to assign special personnel to watch over it to ensure the temperature in the incubator.

Step 5: After connecting the power supply, turn on the machine, try it out first, and then incubate after confirming that all functions of the incubator are normal.

Step 6: Put the eggs into the incubator, set the temperature, humidity and time required for hatching eggs through the microcomputer control panel, place the hatching basket 3 days before the eggs break the shell, and note that the humidity and temperature in the incubator should be observed at intervals during the incubation process.

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