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How To Operate Gasoline Flat Rammer Correctly

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Plate compactor shall be used for compaction of various backfill foundations, roads, squares, trenches and repair of asphalt and concrete pavement Especially for the compaction effect of gravel and gravel on non cohesive sandy soil. The electric plate rammer has the characteristics of reasonable design, beautiful appearance, large tamping depth, stable operation, no dead corner, etc. Flat rammers are used to compact loose soil containing particles, gravel and paving stones. It is mainly used in narrow places near walls, roadsides and foundation structures. Vibrating plate rammer is used for the compaction of various small building foundations, various backfill foundations, roads, squares, pipelines, grooves, etc., 

plate compactorand the repair of concrete pavement. Especially for non cohesive sandy gravel and gravel, the compaction effect is good, which can not be achieved by other rammers. The machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance and convenient movement. Compared with the frog rammer, it has the characteristics of good working and tamping effect, stable operation and labor saving. It is an updated product of the traditional frog rammer.

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