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CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Is Suitable For Batch

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CNC gear hobbing machine is suitable for batch, small batch and single piece production and processing of cylindrical gears and worm gears, as well as drum gears with certain parameters. Spline hobs can also be used for continuous indexing and hobbing of short spline shafts with 6 teeth and more with a length of less than 300. And the sprocket hob can be used to roll and cut the sprocket. 

gear hobbing machineWhen machining cylindrical gears, reverse milling and forward milling and hobbing can be adopted, and the full tooth width can be machined by axial feed (vertical feed). NC Hobbing Machine hobbing ordinary worm gear is processed by radial feed method. The adjustment and machining method of the CNC hobbing machine when machining the spline shaft and sprocket is the same as that when machining the cylindrical spur gear.

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