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The Price Of This Hydraulic Winch Surprised Me

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Hydraulic winch, also known as hydraulic winch, is used in various lifting equipment occasions. The hydraulic pump is driven by the prime mover to input the working oil into the actuator (hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor) to make the mechanism act, and the speed regulation is realized by controlling the liquid flow input into the actuator. The advantage of hydraulic drive is that it has large transmission ratio, can realize a wide range of stepless speed regulation, compact structure, stable operation, convenient operation and good overload protection performance. Working principle of Hydraulic Winch: in the process of lifting and starting, when the gate is raised and the drum is tightened, the traveling star wheel cannot rotate. hydraulic winchDriven by the central wheel, the traveling star wheel does autobiography to drive the inner ring gear to rotate the drum to lift the drilling tool. When the winch mechanism is lifted with load, the instantaneous process of the load accelerating from the static state to the stable moving speed is called the lifting starting process. During lifting and starting, the direction of inertia force is the same as that of lifting load, which increases the tension of steel wire rope.

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