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How To Operate The Electric Hoist Correctly

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1t electric winch adopts electromagnetic holding brake, which is safe, reliable, fast and convenient. When the power is input, the motor and electromagnetic brake circuit are connected at the same time. At this time, the brake shoe of the brake is opened and the motor starts to rotate. The power is transmitted to the reducer through the elastic coupling, and then the reducer drives the drum forward and reverse through the coupling, so as to achieve the working purpose of the winch. 

electric winch1t electric hoist is widely used in construction engineering, ship transportation, hydropower projects, shipbuilding industry, metallurgy and so on. Due to the large driving force and strong load capacity, the electric winch will inevitably have slight vibration in the process of operation, and this vibration has certain potential safety hazards for the hoisting operation itself, which may lead to the winding confusion of the traction rope of the winch and seriously affect the work. In the face of this situation, we need to fix the winch, and there are three general fixing methods, Let's take a brief look at Chenghua manufacturing.

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