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Hydraulic Pile Driver

Product Characteristics Of Hydraulic Pile Driver

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Product characteristics of hydraulic pile driver£º
1. High efficiency: the speed of vibration pile sinking and pulling is generally 4-7m / min, and the fastest is 12m / min (in non muddy soil). The construction speed is much faster than other pile driving machines, and the efficiency is 40% - 100% higher than that of pneumatic hammer and diesel hammer.
2. Wide range: in addition to being unable to enter the rock, the high-frequency hydraulic pile driver is suitable for construction under almost any harsh geological conditions, and can easily penetrate the address such as pebble layer and sand layer.
3. Multi functions: in addition to the construction of various bearing piles, the high-frequency hydraulic pile driver can also build thin-walled cut-off wall, deep compaction treatment, ground compaction treatment and other special construction.
hydraulic pile driver
4. Environmental protection: low vibration, low noise and no pollution during operation. High frequency hydraulic pile driver is equipped with noise reduction power box, which can fully meet the requirements of environmental protection during construction in urban area.
5. Wide function: suitable for driving piles of any shape and material, such as steel pipe pile and concrete pipe pile; Suitable for any soil layer; It can be used for pile driving, pile pulling and underwater pile driving; Pile frame operation and hanging operation can be carried out.

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