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How To Operate The Stair Climbing Dolly Machine

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Stair climber is widely used in the upstairs and downstairs transportation of goods and equipment such as household appliances, drinks, furniture and so on. When there is no elevator or the elevator cannot work normally on some occasions, our products will be your choice. The utility model can help the operators to easily and quickly carry the heavy objects up and down the stairs. 

stair climberIt greatly improves the efficiency of climbing and handling and reduces the labor cost. Function analysis of electric stair climber trolley: there are start button, current and electric quantity display, stepless speed regulation button, main control switch, upstairs and downstairs switch, lifting adjustment, lithium battery, strong brushless motor and inflatable rubber wheel. The humanized design of the telescopic rod can adjust the pull rod according to the required length of the goods, so that there is no need to bend down upstairs and reduce the damage to the body. It can be modulated by 20 cm.

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