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Working Principle Of Electric Climbing Transport Trolley

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The crawler stair climber machine adopts a portable battery driven system. You only need to firmly fasten the wheelchair and the simple locking device on the equipment, and ensure that the crawler is in close contact with the steps during operation. You can safely and easily operate the equipment upstairs and downstairs. The whole operation process is very gentle and quiet. With humanized design and simple and flexible operation, this climbing dolly is a handy power tool for home handling, home appliances, home decoration companies, logistics companies and building materials market. 

stair climberAt present, there are various styles of climbing machines such as household appliances, construction site, bucket water and liquefied gas, and it also supports customer customization. With the urgent need of economic development, improving logistics efficiency and reducing labor costs, electric cargo climbing robots will appear more and more in the logistics distribution industry dominated by traditional manual handling.

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