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Operation Rules Of Steel Straight Thread Rolling Machine

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Operation rules of steel straight thread rolling machine:

The operator should check and clean the machine, and do a good job of daily maintenance to achieve neat, clean and lubrication.

1. Keep the machine neat and clean without yellow robe, grease and rust. Keep machine parts and accessories clean and complete.

2. Keep the working site and pedals clean and tidy. Keep the guide surface and sliding surface clean and lubricated; Check whether the guide surface, work table and sliding surface are damaged.

thread rolling machine

3. Keep sufficient oil in all parts of the lubrication system, smooth oil route, eye-catching oil mark, clean and complete lubricating apparatus. Check the oil storage parts, lubrication parts and pipelines for leakage.

4, keep the electrical appliances, limit and interlocking device an complete and reliable.

5, according to the provisions of the timely maintenance of equipment, and make records. Fill in the desk on time every month.

6. Do not change the equipment without permission.


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