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Operation Guide For Cold Heading Machine

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The cold heading machine comprises a machine body, which is provided with a main motor, a transmission system, a linear feeding device, a rotating clamp, a cutter system, an adjustable male die pushing mechanism and a closed rear support; The main motor is arranged at the first end of the machine body, and the output end of the main motor is provided with a transmission system; The linear feeding device is arranged at the second end of the machine body, and one side of the feeding device is provided with a closed rear support; The rotary clamp and the male mold pushing mechanism are arranged in the middle of the machine body, and the cutter system is arranged below the rotary clamp. 

cold heading machineAfter starting the main motor of the machine, the main motor drives the linear feeding device, rotating clamp, cutter, male die pushing mechanism and other parts through the transmission system to realize the processing steps of feeding, cutting, upsetting, product pushing and so on. The cold heading machine of the invention has the advantages of improving the transmission efficiency, realizing high-speed transmission, improving the working efficiency and accuracy of the cold heading machine, etc.

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