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Operation Guide For Wheel Loader Made In China

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The main function of wheel loader is to shovel and load loose materials and transport them in short distance. It is one of the fastest-growing construction machinery models with the largest production and sales volume and market demand. What we usually see most is the wheel loader, which is opposite to the crawler loader. Compared with the crawler type, it has the advantages of good mobility, no damage to the road, convenient operation and so on. Therefore, wheel loaders are widely used. 

wheel loaderFrom the overall structure diagram of the loader, it can be seen that the loader can be divided into: power system, mechanical system, hydraulic system and control system. As an organic whole, the performance of loader is not only related to the performance of mechanical parts of working device, but also related to the performance of hydraulic system and control system. Power system: the prime power of the loader is generally provided by the diesel engine. The diesel engine has the characteristics of reliable operation, hard power characteristic curve, fuel economy and so on, which meets the requirements of the loader with poor working conditions and variable loads.

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