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Operation Guide For Square Wood Multi Blade Saw

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Operation Guide For Square Wood multi rip saw£º

1. Before operation, check whether the saw blade of the push table saw is sharp. The saw blade must be flat and the saw teeth must be sharp. Two consecutive missing teeth are not allowed. The crack length shall not exceed 20mm. The crack end must be punched to stop the crack hole. Test the machine for about one minute to see whether the push table saw operates normally.

2. Check the rotation direction of the saw blade to ensure that the rotation direction of the saw blade is correct.

multi rip saw

3. The thickness of the sawn wood shall be limited to 10 ~ 20mm of the sawblade exposed to the wood, and the sawtooth must be on the same circumference.

4. After the machine is started, the sawing can be carried out only after the rotation speed is normal. During sawing, the wood shall not be shaken or lifted from side to side. In case of knots, the wood shall be fed slowly and uniformly. The length of sawing material shall not be less than 100mm. When approaching the end, push bar shall be used for feeding.

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