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Safety Operation Regulations For Gas Profiling Cutting Machine

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Safety operation regulations for gas profiling cutting machine:

1. Operators must wear gloves, hard hats and goggles before using the equipment.

2. Clean all combustibles in the cutting area and splash area.

3. Check whether the valves of oxygen cylinder and acetylene cylinder have gas leakage, and separate the two cylinders at a distance of more than half a step to avoid gas cylinder valve caused by tempering. Oxygen and acetylene cylinders shall be placed upright and firmly, and shall not be placed upside down.

4. Connect the air supply line and power supply line, and place the air supply line and power supply line at the position where the cutting spatter cannot be splashed.

gas profiling cutting machine

5. Before use, adjust the appropriate air pressure safety valve as required, and the working pressure is 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa.

6. When using the gas regulator, check whether the thread of the regulator is damaged and whether the connection with the gas cylinder valve is sealed. Oil, sewage and dust are not allowed at the connection end of the regulator to avoid entering the gas regulator and blocking the air passage.

7. During use, the profiling template shall be installed according to different workpieces. Generally, the cutting torch shall be kept away from the machine body for a certain distance. If necessary, isolation measures shall be taken.

8. Adjust the flame of the gas and cutting torch according to the different thickness and material of the workpiece, and walk at the same speed, so as to avoid flame breaking, bubble formation and foaming, and damage to the workpiece.

9. Always pay attention to adjusting the regulator to avoid backfire. If any, cut off the cylinder valve immediately to avoid damage.

10. After the work is completed, the cutting slag shall be cleaned, the surrounding environment shall be cleaned, the gas source and power supply shall be cut off, and the workpiece, profiling template and cutting machine shall be placed.

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