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Gas Profiling Cutting Machine

Operating Guide For Gas Profiling Cutting Machine

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 Operating Guide For gas profiling cutting machine

First open the acetylene gas, ignite it, then open the low-pressure oxygen, adjust the flame to blue, and form a normal oxyacetylene flame (i.e. acetylene is fully burnt and the temperature is high).

Use oxyacetylene flame to heat the steel at a fixed point (at the edge of the cutting point) until the steel reaches its ignition point in oxygen, and then open the high-pressure oxygen valve to let the steel burn in oxygen at high temperature. The heat generated by the steel combustion can further heat the nearby steel to reach the ignition point. At this time, acetylene and low-pressure oxygen can be turned off to enter normal cutting.gas profiling cutting machine

After the steel enters the normal combustion, the cutting torch moves slowly along the cutting direction, and the steel along the cutting direction enters the combustion in turn, and the cutting seam is formed after the combustion.

That is to say, this thing is to make the steel burn in oxygen, burn off the excess material, and cause the cutting effect.

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