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Operation Guide For Driving And Riding Road Sweeper

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Operation guide for driving and riding road sweeper:

1¡¢ Conscientiously implement the quality standards for road cleaning specified by the city and district, and complete the cleaning tasks specified on the day on the premise of ensuring safe production and observing traffic rules.

2¡¢ Drivers should wear uniform clothes and badges when taking up their posts, participate in the pre shift meeting and all safety activities organized by the team on time, and do not be late or leave early.

3¡¢ Before driving, the driver should check the vehicle, especially whether the oil pump, main brush, side brush, water supply shut-off door and soil box are complete, sensitive and effective. Make sure the brake system, transmission system, steering system and lubrication system are safe and reliable, and listen to the engine and chassis for abnormal noise.

4¡¢ Before going on the road, the driver should be familiar with the line of the cleaning section. During the operation, the landing height of the main brush should be checked first. Generally, it is appropriate to lower the brush seedling to slightly press the ground, and the soil box should be adjusted so that the soil swept in is not missed.

road sweeper

5¡¢ Pay attention to the cleaning speed during operation, and do not exceed 12km / h when cleaning the curb; When sweeping the road, it shall not exceed 20km / h; It is forbidden to drive at high speed and violate traffic rules during cleaning.

6¡¢ The sweeper shall continue to operate when encountering wind force below level 5. The sweeper can only stop cleaning when encountering wind force above level 5, rain and snow.

7¡¢ After completing the cleaning task, the vehicles shall be cleaned, maintained, refueled and filled in the road form upon returning to the site. If there is any fault, it shall be reported for repair in time to ensure the normal use of vehicles the next day.

8¡¢ The car sweeper must obey the work assignment of the leader of the vehicle management unit and abide by various rules and regulations.

9¡¢ The car following personnel shall actively cooperate with the car sweeping driver to complete the cleaning task of the local section.

10¡¢ The personnel following the car shall not sleep in the car. The dirt from the cleaning car shall be poured into the closed cleaning station or the designated place in time and cleaned.

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