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How Often Should The Electric Road Sweeper Be Charged

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Although almost every family is using the road sweeper, when it comes to the correct use of the sweeper, we may not know much about it. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce the correct use of the sweeper. I hope you can master the correct use of the sweeper. Now let's follow Xiao Bian to have a look.

road sweeper

The charging base of the purchased robot should be placed in the corner of the wall so that it will not be in the way. Now sweeping robots are all rechargeable. But I don't think the batteries inside are particularly durable. Therefore, the robot just bought must be fully charged for the first three times and recharged after use. Red indicates that the battery is not full, and green indicates that the charging is completed. Press the green button twice, and the robot will start cleaning. Since the robot can't remember the route, the efficient cleaning method is to close the door and let the robot sweep one room at a time, so that it can walk a lot less repeatedly. Of course, there is also a remote control. You can scan regularly and define the scanning method. However, this function is rarely used. Throw it there and let him sweep more easily. After a period of sweeping, we have to take out the garbage. Otherwise, where is the garbage. It must be in my stomach. Gently press the place where your finger points, and then remove it, the garbage cover will automatically pop open.

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