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How To Operate The Punching And Shearing Machine

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Operation guide of combined punching and shearing machine:

1. Check whether all fasteners are loose, the upper and lower die holes are aligned properly, the exposed gears and transmission parts shall be free of small iron blocks and sundries, the operation of the clamping plate shall be normal, and the pressure of each part shall be kept normal and consistent.

2. The feeding mechanism can be started only when there is no vibration, abnormal sound and obstacles in the empty operation.

3. When cutting large pieces of materials, a special person shall be appointed in advance to command, concentrate and coordinate.

combined punching and shearing machine

4. The tool loading, tool setting, tool unloading, mould loading, die calibration and screw feeding of the press must be carried out after the machine is stopped.

5. All processed parts must be within the specified range of machinery.

6. Be careful when loading and unloading workpieces and molds.

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