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Safety Operation Guide for Punching and Shearing Machines

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Safety Operation Guide for combined punching and shearing machine

1. The operator shall follow the general mechanical safety operation rules of the punching and shearing machine. Must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool, strictly abide by the equipment operating procedures, and only after passing the training and examination can they work.

2. Operators shall wear labor protection articles as required.

3. The power supply and voltage must be checked before starting, and the power can only be transmitted if they meet the requirements.

4. Before operation, the lubricating system, hydraulic system and compressed air system must be checked, and the oil volume, oil pressure and air pressure must meet the requirements.

5. When starting the machine every day, check whether the photoelectric protection device is normal. If the optical protection device is abnormal, the machine cannot be started. When starting the machine tool, the operator must ensure that no one is within the working range of the machine tool.

6. For the program used for the first time, the empty operation without workpiece must be carried out first, and the workpiece can be loaded for processing only after it is ensured to be correct.

combined punching and shearing machine

7. Before starting the machine, the outlet of the upper and lower moulds must be checked to ensure that there is no scrap iron. Check whether the tool holder assembly, stripper, cutter, intermediate ring and adjusting ring are in good condition, whether the shearing cutter and punching die are in good condition without cracking, whether the clearance between the punch and die hole wall of the punching and shearing machine is uniform, and whether the cutting edge of the shearing cutter is sharp.

8. When the machine tool is started, the operator is not allowed to leave the console or entrust someone to be in charge. When people leave, they should stop the machine or cut off the power switch.

9. When approaching the machine tool, adjust the speed to zero and press the stop key.

10. After the work is completed, cut off the power supply, including disconnecting the air switch in the power box and the power supply of the air compressor, put each handle in the working position, and lock each door cabinet.

11. The operator shall keep the site and the machine tool clean, the ambient temperature of the punching and shearing machine shall be kept at 10-40 ¡æ, and the working temperature of the hydraulic oil of the machine tool shall be 20-60 ¡æ.

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