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How To Operate Gear Hobbing Machine Correctly

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Gear hobbing machine is based on the principle of generating method. Machining gears with hobs is equivalent to meshing a pair of helical gears with staggered shafts. In this pair of meshing gear pairs, a worm like gear is formed when the number of teeth is small, there is only one or several, and the helix angle is large. In order to form the cutting edge, a chip containing groove is opened in the direction perpendicular to the helix of the gear, and the front and back flanks are ground to form the cutting edge and the front and back angles, so it becomes a hob. gear hobbing machineThe hob and the gear blank move relative to each other according to the meshing transmission relationship, and the tooth grooves are cut on the gear blank to form the involute tooth surface, as shown in Fig. 1a. In the hobbing process, each tooth of the hob distributed on the spiral line successively cuts a thin layer of metal in the tooth slot. Each tooth slot is cut out by several teeth in turn during the rotation of the hob. The involute tooth profile is formed by a series of instantaneous positions of the cutting edge, as shown in Fig. 1b.

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